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With all the “so-called” used vehicle pricing experts today, such as Kelley Blue Book, N.A.D.A., Edmunds, and Black Book, who knows what a fair price for a used car is today. Many big box dealerships have decided to go with a flat “No Haggle” price. That’s great for them, but not necessarily the car buyer. Or some dealers continue to do business the old fashion way, start high, work the car buyer as hard as they can until the customer stretches their budget to their maximum or even beyond.

The online used vehicle pricing resources are a good place to start. However many other factors can make a used vehicle’s market price fluctuate daily. Fuel prices, new vehicle incentives, rental car agencies, and even the changing seasons are factors that can effect used vehicle pricing. Many dealer’s “No-Haggle” price isn’t fair to the used car buyer. And “No-Haggle” means they are not willing to work with you if that vehicle is out of your budget.

Bastian’s Auto Outlet has a better way, Make An Offer to get YourPrice.

Bastian’s Auto Outlet will work within your budget, so you can get YourPrice and your used car, truck, or SUV of choice. Regardless of whether you are paying cash, have obtained your own financing or even if you have credit issues and need help with obtaining an auto loan. That’s the Bastian’s Auto Outlet difference.

Getting YourPrice is easy:

  • Browse our inventory of used cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • Select the vehicle that will fit your individual needs.
  • Determine your budget and any other monthly expense that you might incur.
  • Simply click the Make An Offer button and submit YourPrice.
  • Our Sales Consultants will confirm the vehicle’s availability, and respond to your offer right away.

You can make an offer and receive YourPrice​​ on multiple vehicles, then determine which vehicle is best for you. If you have a question about a vehicle, feel free to call us before making your offer.

Don’t settle for a dealer’s one price, or no-haggle price, Don’t place blind faith in a third party price guide, Don’t negotiate for hours until you are worn out.

Make An Offer to get YourPrice at Bastian’s Auto Outlet.

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